Latihan Soal PAS/UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 SMA/SMK Semester 1

Berikut adalah soal uas bahasa inggris kelas 11 semester 1 yang dapat kalian download file soal nya secara lengkap dengan klik link di bawah ini!

Pada kesempatan kali ini penulis akan membagikan soal uas bahasa inggris kelas 11 semester 1 beserta jawabannya yang dapat kalian pelajari untuk dijadikan sebagai referensi belajar kalian. Karena biasanya soal pilihan ganda bahasa inggris kelas 11 yang akan diujikan tidak akan jauh berbeda dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Untuk soal bahasa inggris kelas 11 semester 1 ini belum dilengkapi beserta kunci jawaban. Silahkan bila ingin memberikan masukan untuk kunci jawaban share di kolom komentar. Semoga contoh soal pas bahasa inggris kelas 11 dapat bermanfaat. Selamat belajar dan tetap semangat! Jangan lupa cek soal pilihan ganda bahasa inggris kelas xi semester 1 kurikulum 2013 lainnya!

Choose the correct answer based on the following questions! 
1. X : We’ll have a long holiday next month. 
What are you going to do?
Y : ....
X : I hope you have a nice trip.
a. I am thinking of going to Bali
b. Sorry, I can’t tell you
c. It’s not your business
d. I have nothing to do
e. I don’t know what to do

2. Hasan : Do you think the station will be crowded?
Hamid : Of course. There are … who want to go to their home town to celebrate
the Lebaran day.
a. only a few people 
b. no people
c. a lot of people 
d. only one person
e. few persons

3. Ria : What do you think about thiscomputer, Ana?
Ana : I think it’s a good one. What pentium is it?
Ria : It’s pentium one.
Ana : What about the price?
Ria : Rp 5 millions.
Ana : Wow, …. The fair price for pentium one is usually about Rp 2 millions.
a. what a cheap computer b. I like the price
c. I agree with its price d. I don’t think so
e. it’s too expensive

4. Bowo : I feel tired and I feel dizzy.
Sri : I think …. Don’t leave the bed if it is not necessary.
a. you must drink hot water
b. you should lie down and have some rest
c. you can see the doctor tonight
d. I will take you to the hospital
e. I must take some rest, too

5. Rindu : Mom, I am nominated in the singing contest.
Mama : Great! I’m really proud of you.
The underlined utterance is an expression of ....
a. will 
b. pride 
c. hope 
d. plan
e. satisfaction

6. Ina : What do you think of your new red dress?
Eta : .... It goes with my shoes.
Ina : I think so. You look beautiful on it.
Eta : Thank you.
a. I am very satisfied with it 
b. I don’t think so
c. Sorry to hear that d. I don’t like it
e. It’s too difficult to do

7. A : I’m not happy about it.
B : Please give me a second chance, Sir.
The underlined words express ……………
a. asking opinion 
b. giving opinion
c. hope 
d. dissatisfaction
e. satisfaction

8. A : I can’t think of anything better.
B : Thank you for your compliment, Sir.
a. asking opinion 
b. giving opinion
c. hope 
d. dissatisfaction
e. satisfaction

9. Steward: I’ve put your bag in the back and here’s the magazine you might like to read on the plane.
Passenger: Oh, thanks ………….
a. I feel annoyed with my luggage
b. The trip will be too long
c. It’s really satisfying
d. I can’t bear it indeed
e. It will give me something

10. Budi : How is your new company getting on?
Timi : Very well. ………….. with the way things are going
a. I’m very unhappy 
b. I’m not satisfied
c. I always complain 
d. I’ve got trouble
e. I’m very satisfied

11. Budi : How is your new company getting on?
Timi : I’m not satisfied with the way things are going
The underlined sentence express ………..
a. advice 
b. curiousity
c. satisfaction 
d. dissatisfaction
e. information

12. Benny : What do you think about the Shakespeare’s play we’ve just seen, Nony? I like it very much.
Nony : Well, .... The actors used old English, so it’s hard for me to understand.
a. I was not satisfied 
b. I felt crazy 
c. I had no idea 
d. I was surprised
e. I couldn’t appreciate it

13. Rindu : Mom, I am nominated in the singing contest.
Mama : Great! I’m really proud of you.
The underlined word is a synonym of ....
a. willingness 
b. pride
c. hopeless 
d. plan
e. competition

14. Adi : Why do you look so sad?
Ati : Someone stole my money when I was going to school by train.
Adi : You should have kept your money in your bag.
From the dialogue we know that Adi ……
a. didn't keep her money in her bag.
b. feels sorry to hear Ati's story
c. was in the same train
d. had saved her money well.
e. advised Ati to keep her money well

15. Mimi : Have you visited the doctor?
Najib : Yes.
Mimi : What did he advise you?
Najib : He said that ....
a. I should stop smoking 
b. I could stop smoking
c. I may stop smoking 
d. I mustn’t smoke
e. I ought to smoke

16. Mawar : This telegram is for my husband. He’s out on duty. What do you recommend me to do?
Putri : Why don’t you ring him and tell him that a telegram’s arrived?
In the dialogue above, Mawar is asking for Putri’s ....
a. advice 
b. curiousity
c. agreement 
d. permission
e. information

17. Pay attention to the following sign.
What would you expect to see this warning?
a. there are no jobs in the office
b. there are no food during vacation
c. there are no cassette available
d. there are no video available
e. there are a lot of rooms available

18. What would you say if your friends are cheating during the test?
a. beware of the picpockets 
b. look out, A car is behind you
c. be careful or the teacher will catch you
d. keep swimming near the seashore
e. watch your step, please.

19. X : Excuse me, sir. May I close the door? It’s windy outside.
Y : Oh,sure.
In the dialogue, X is asking for ....
a. help 
b. opinion
c. permission 
d. agreement
e. information

20. Dad: Deal. You may go with your friends but don’t be late.
Son: Thanks. You’re the best, Dad.
The underlinded sentence express
a. rejecting permission 
b. Asking permission 
c. denying permission 
d. refusing permission
e. giving permission

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